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Clean Energy in action! Live data from over 100 sites across the USA and Canada... mostly schools.

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The Educational Research Supporting the Solar Learning Lab(TM)
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Welcome to the Teacher Zone...

Classroom activities using real data from solar power installations are now available!

NYSERDA Lessons for Use with SunViewer(TM) and SunServer(TM)

Grades 5 - 12

Virtual Array Tour: Lesson 1 SunViewer(TM)

Virtual Array Tour: Lesson 2 SunViewer(TM)

Virtual Array Tour: Lesson 3 SunViewer(TM)

Virtual Array Tour: Lesson 4


Other Lessons:

Grades 7-10

Interpreting Solar Power Graphs(PDF)

Grades 8-12

Data Normalization Made Easy(PDF)

We're looking for a few good teachers to help us develop activities. If you have ideas for innovative classroom activities using our solar data, send us an email at

To join our mailing list send an email to We'll let you know when we add new teaching materials to the website.



The Science Teacher: Heliotronics article published in October 2005 issue of NSTA's journal "The Science Teacher."

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More FREE resources for educators! Lesson plans, classroom activies, and student projects that focus on solar and other renewable energy.

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Wind power in the classroom:The Kidwind project has hands-on science activities.

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