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Lobby Display Options: Touch Screen Kiosk and Auto Scrolling Wall Mounts
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"Our Clients love the Heliotronics web site that is based on the look and feel of their site. It is almost as if you have given them candy."
-Gerry Lax, Advanced Solar Products - 2009

Heliotronics has introduced the Sunlogger™ series of data monitoring systems. These low cost, high quality revenue grade systems are designed to hit the price points you need while providing reliability and ease of installation. They come optimized for Residential and Commercial use. The commercial grade systems include a remarkably easy to use and efficient fleet management interface that is so unique that we have a patent pending.

Heliotronics supports renewable energy system vendors by providing Epiphany™ data monitoring systems for single phase and three phase grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems of any size. Our systems are suitable for a variety of projects including commercial lobby displays, nature centers, community buildings, and schools.

Epiphany™ diplay systems offer a real time museum quality display experience with SunViewer™ software. Most customers also include the easy to use branded, informational Internet display which we call™. Most customers like the fact that we can create their™ portal with the same look as their institution's portal for seamless hyperlinking.

The SunViewer™ software is licensed with no expiration allowing for one time purchase. The™ Internet display is a service with typical agreements lasting 5 years before requiring renewal. Epiphany™ systems are turnkey including all sensors and electronics necessary to bring real time data to a lobby display, the Internet or computer network. See our products page for system details.

Contact us to learn how you can leverage our brands, add value to your PV installations, and accelerate the market for solar energy.





DuPont selects Heliotronics to provide data acquisition system and lobby display
read more...™ Heliotronics powerful new internet database is now live!





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