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  Data Acquisition Systems for Renewable Energy  

is pleased to introduce the Epiphany series of complete data acquisition packages for single phase and three phase renewable energy installations.


Our packages include all of the necessary hardware, software, power supplies, weather sensors, and transducers. All of the packages listed below can be configured to fit any size PV system 1 kilowatt to 1 megawatt.


Revenue-grade monitoring for residential installations.more info
Enterprise installation monitoring for large solar arrays and PPAs.more info
Complete 3 phase lobby display system for commercial PV installations. more info
Touch Screen Kiosk
Ideal for public, high-traffic venues; includes touch screen display, kiosk, computer and software. more info
Flat Screen Auto Scrolling Displays
20"-42" monitor available with fixed or articulating wall mount. Includes computer with software preloaded. more info™
Data from your renewable energy system is uploaded to the Internet and accessible by public website. more info
SunViewer™ Real Time Software
This software is used in museums and classrooms. It updates 40 times per minute so the students can see how changes in one variable (such as sunlight or wind speed) immediately impact the renewable energy system output. more info
Solar Learning Lab™
The Solar Learning Lab™ is an extraordinary set of tools for teaching about renewable energy. Students explore a standards-based STEM curriculum using live data from dozens of solar energy installations. Visit the lab or watch a video overview.

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