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"The highest level of inquiry occurs when students raise and initiate their own questions."

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"I am a believer, enthusiastic, it works!."

"Nothing but a positive experience with this"
-Barry Witte, Science and Engineering instructor at Colonie Central HS in the Albany NY area.

Schools around the country are discovering that solar energy can power the human mind. Solar Learning Labs™ catalyzes the educational experience by channeling the vision of clean energy into an innovative learning endeavor. This is a highly effective approach for schools, nature centers, green businesses, and other community venues.

With Heliotronics' fun, user-friendly SunViewer™ Software, students can observe the operation of a real solar array and the environmental forces that impact its performance. This provides a fertile learning environment for education in math, physical sciences, environmental science, social studies, economics and interdisciplinary subject matters.


  • Heliotronics educational data monitoring package with interactive display software.
  • An operational solar energy system that produces usable electricity.

Heliotronics works in partnership with solar array vendors to bring real-time solar energy data to the classroom, Internet or Display Kiosk.

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Introducing the Solar Learning Lab™

The Solar Learning Lab™ provides an extraordinary set of tools for teaching about renewable energy.

Visit the lab or watch a video introduction.

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Solar Schools Program Development Guide

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Classroom Activities: Use real solar energy data broadcast over the web.

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User's Guide for Teachers: With each Heliotronics system comes a User's Guide with ideas for classroom activities.

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