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Heliotronics Introduces SunLoggerE™ Solar Monitoring System - Solar Industry Magazine

PV Monitoring Costs Slashed With Heliotronics SunLoggerE™ Series

Heliotronics rolls out the Solar Learning Lab™ STEM education portal

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Heliotronics sponsored FIRST Lego League team qualifies for state championship

"Army Corps Solar Project Empowers Nation" - Renewable Energy World Sept/Oct 2010

Newsletter: Renewable Energy in Independent Schools - 12/2009

Heliotronics President Clayton Handleman interviewed on "Money Matters" WBNW Boston 1120AM. Listen Now: or [ right-click to download ] 11/2009

Boston Globe article on Hingham school's solar array 12/30/2007

Heliotronics Unveils PV Live™ 7/2007

Solar Today Article 3/2005

Rhode Island Schools Go Solar with Heliotronics 1/2005

RE Insider Feature Article by Clayton Handleman 7/2004

Heliotronics and WPI Partner to Install Solar Learning Lab™ 6/2004™ Renewable Energy Database 3/2004

Heliotronics Selected to Provide 50 Data Acquisition Systems for NYS Schools 8/2003

Bringing Solar To The Classroom 6/2002

Feature Story

Heliotronics Unveils PV Live™- July 2007

Heliotronics Inc., the innovation leader in educational data displays for solar photovoltaic systems, has launched its PV Live™ initiative that brings up-to-the-second renewable energy data to the general public via the Internet. This dynamic display technology sets a new standard and compares to industry standard displays much as video does to stills.

With updates every 1 to 2 seconds PV Live™ is designed to promote interest and engage the public in order to garner support for expanding the use of renewable energy. PV Live™ extends the reach of the high speed data link to anywhere there is an Internet connection.

According to Amelia Amon, founder of Alt Technica a design firm that is widely known for creative renewable energy displays, “movement is a highly effective tool for engaging the public. The Heliotronics PV Live™ displays offer a state-of-the-art approach to that end.”


Since many members of the public in the U.S. have only recently begun to hear about the benefits of PV and solar technologies, being able to see a truly live data display updated every second has a memorable impact. Now with PV Live™, when the clouds part and the sun comes out, people can see the needle on the power gauge respond immediately–and it helps them make the connection at a visceral level that this system is producing energy from sunlight.

Building on that vision, Matt Arner, Heliotronics Manager of Business Development, said “We are seeing considerable excitement regarding PV Live™. It is being used on a small scale in some local projects and on a considerably larger scale in projects that will be announced later this year.”


Boston Globe Article - December 2007

The Boston Globe wrote a story on the Dexter School's new solar voltaic roof panels. The new array provides an invaluable opportunity for Hingham students to learn about alternative energy.

High school science and electronics teacher Dan Clune is using the solar array to approach the entire field of alternative energy. He also uses a meter to measure the energy used by various electronics, to lure his students into thinking about electricity usage.


"We have to be conversant in the language of energy," (Heliotronics president) Handleman said, as he calculated the energy consumption in the high school computer lab as quickly as some of us can count calories on a dinner plate.

"The first thing is to get the kids to get familiar with solar. I think it's really about not understanding something that stops them from getting into it," said high school oceanography and science teacher Dana Crosby.

Read the full article...


Solar Today Article - Mar 2005

The current issue of SOLAR TODAY has an article about Heliotronics project at the Dexter School Clay Center.

"Administrators at the Clay Center recognized the educational potential of these monitoring systems as they
planned the Center, and sought out a system that would allow students hands-on experience with this equipment. After evaluating several educational software products, they chose the Solar Learning Lab(TM) data-monitoring system from Heliotronics Inc. of Hingham, Mass. The system comprises data acquisition electronics, Sun Viewer interactive monitoring software and Web-based data display.


This article is republished courtesy of SOLAR TODAY, the award-winning magazine published by the American Solar Energy Society and dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Read the full article (PDF)...




Rhode Island Schools Go Solar with Heliotronics - Jan 2005

The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund, administered by the Rhode Island State Energy Office is providing solar arrays for educational sites around the state, including schools and Roger Williams Zoo. Each of the 12 selected sites will use the solar arrays to generate some of their electricity without polluting the air. However, the biggest payoff may be the education of students and the general public about the benefits and feasibility of solar energy.

Each of the arrays will be outfitted with fun educational Epiphany™ data displays by Heliotronics. According to Matthew Arner, Heliotronics Manager of Business Development, “Heliotronics specializes in making renewable energy accessible and understandable to the general public.” Computers at each site will display the data in a dynamic, fun, and informative way. Off site, data will be available over the Internet.™ is a powerful database and Internet display service that allows interested people to view the performance of individual systems or all of the systems aggregated together as a virtual power plant.


Meteorological information is also displayed clarifying the relationship between the environment and energy production for students. This combined approach brings lessons to life and stimulates student's imaginations.

According to Clayton Handleman, President of Heliotronics, “School children are surprisingly aware that clean energy means a cleaner environment. These educational systems show them that clean energy systems are powerful and can provide energy for their school to run. With this real life tool to engage them, students can find a context within which their studies make sense. For many this can be a powerful catalyst to learning.”

Each system will be installed by Solar Wrights, the leading installer of photovoltaic systems in Rhode Island.


RE Insider Feature Article by Clayton Handleman - July 2004

Heliotronics President Clayton Handleman was featured as an RE Insider on the Solar Access website.


"A progressive program of public education and awareness is crucial to developing widespread public support for a vibrant renewables manufacturing industry in this country."

Read the full article (PDF)


Heliotronics, Inc. and WPI Partner to Install Solar Learning Lab™ - June 2004

See the news coverage that ran on New England Cable News and Channel 3 News in Worcester.


Heliotronics, Inc. and Worcester Polytechnic Institute have partnered to raise public awareness of renewable energy technologies in the greater Worcester community. WPI students, sponsored by the WPI Class of 1975 Alumni Fund, recently completed the installation of a Solar Learning Lab™. The installation includes a working photovoltaic system with Heliotronics educational monitoring system.

View the complete case study (PDF)

View system performance of WPI Solar Learning Lab™

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Download Real Player (Free)™ Renewable Energy Database - March 2004

Heliotronics, Inc. has launched™, a powerful renewable energy database that takes data uploaded from renewable energy sites around the country and allows users to access it from the Internet. Users can display the data in graphical form or they can download it in spreadsheet compatible CSV tables.

In addition to viewing data from individual sites, the database is able to aggregate multiple systems into one output. For example, if your state had 50 schools, would allow users to answer questions such as, how much pollution was avoided due to the renewable energy production of all 50 schools in one particular day.



The system can store power and energy data as well as meteorological data from any site that has an Internet connection and a compatible data acquisition system. Heliotronics offers their Epiphany™ series data acquisition systems for this purpose.™ enables schools and other institutions to provide national access to data from their renewable energy system.
”™ is a great education and research tool that provides data, processed in fun and informative ways"said Clayton Handleman, President of Heliotronics.


Heliotronics Selected to Provide 50 Data Acquisition Systems for NYS Schools

Heliotronics, Inc., a leader in the design and development of educational electronics and software for the photovoltaic industry, has been selected by Solar Works Inc. to provide data acquisition systems for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) School Power Naturally program. Heliotronics will provide both data acquisition hardware and software for the project.

Since the 'Request for Proposals' for this project first hit the streets, we recognized it as an extremely important opportunity for the solar industry,"said Clayton Handleman, president of Heliotronics. "We are thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to supporting Solar Works and NYSERDA in making this the solar schools program by which others are measured.

Heliotronics will supply 50 Epiphany Seriesรด data acquisition systems, which will be used to monitor solar arrays placed on the rooftops of each of the 50 participating schools. The data will be displayed on computers in classrooms and integrated into curriculum being developed as part of the NYSERDA project. The computer displays use an engaging graphical user interface to show the dynamics of energy production from the solar array, which consists of 20, 100 Watt solar modules.


Meteorological information is also displayed clarifying the relationship between the environment and energy production for students. This combined approach brings lessons to life and stimulates student's imaginations.

"We are very excited about working with Heliotronics,"said Richard Eidlin, Solar Works' School Power Naturally project manager. "They have shown an eagerness to work with our team members to make this the best solar education project in the country by improving their products, which are already among the industry's best."

Installations of the PV projects are expected to take place between September 2003 and May 2004.


Bringing Solar To The Classroom

June 2002
Electricity from the sun using a photovoltaic (PV) system is available today!  It is a technology full of promise and possibilities.  It is the promise of a future with less pollution and less conflict. It is the possibility of a future with a more reliable energy supply and an end to squandering our precious natural resources.

Schools are embracing these promises and possibilities. Students and teachers want to know how PV systems work. Parents and taxpayers want more clean energy sources. What better way is there to accomplish all this than to put a PV system on a school?

Starting this year, schools can now combine a PV system with Heliotronics'EpiphanyTM series software and hardware to produce a Solar Learning LabTM environment for teachers and students. This enables schools to embrace a positive future, students and teachers to learn about solar energy, and parents and taxpayers to have another clean energy source.

Heliotronics' EpiphanyTM series offers user-friendly software and instrumentation hardware with lively real-time graphical displays. The array operation is displayed on a classroom computer or on multiple computers throughout the school.  In addition to the energy produced by the array, a variety of other quantities, such as temperature and sunlight, are monitored, so that students can see how they affect the array operation.

The data acquisition systems range from simple and inexpensive systems that measure, display, and store sunlight, temperature, and energy to sophisticated systems with complete performance measurement capability and comprehensive meteorological instrumentation.

Our software is rich in graphical and technical content.  Students can explore the displays, moving from simple to detailed displays.  Static displays are included which show pictures of and explain the various array and data acquisition system components.

The Heliotronics data acquisition systems are now in production. To place an order or to learn more about applications, contact Sales at +1 781 749 9593.  For detailed technical information, contact Technical Support at +1 781 646 8622.



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